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    AllSince 2019
    Internal Medicine Today
    Publisher: Gonabad University of Medical Sciences (GMU)
    Chairman: Reza Ahmadi, MD.
    Editor in Chief: Leila Sadeghmoghadam, PhD.
    Executive Manager: Ali Ekrami, PhDc.
    Scientific Supporter: Gonabad University of Medical Sciences, GMU, Gonabad, Iran
    E-ISSN: 2981-0086
    Language: English Full-text (Persian abstracts are available)
    E-mail: imtjgmu.ac.ir & internalmedicinjgmail.com

    Quarterly Journal of the Internal Medicine Today succeeded in obtaining a license for publishing English Full-text from the Iranian Committee of Medical Sciences Journals. The submitted English papers are free of charge and in priority are reviewed.

    Submission of manuscript is very easy and quick process

    Call For Papers
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    The Internal Medicine Today Journal (IMTJ) invites you to submit manuscripts for consideration in this scholarly journal. The journal welcomes research papers, reviews, reports and other manuscript within the interdisciplinary scope of IMTJ.
    IMTJ is supported and reviewed by an eminent group of editors and reviewers in the field. In addition to relatively rapid and constructive peer-reviews, IMTJ also provides the following benefits:
    1) Indexing on reputed platforms
    2) Reduced processing fees for English manuscripts
    I invite you to submit your current research to the journal. Do not hesitate to contact me with any other questions.
    Best regards,
    Editor in Chief

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    Internal Medicine Today
    Print ISSN:
    Online ISSN:
    Reza Ahmadi
    Leila Sadeghmoghadam
    • Co-Publisher: Zamen Salamati Co.

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