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Open Access Policy

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Open Access Policy
Internal Medicine Today is under the ownership of Gonabad University of Medical Sciences and is co-published by Zamen Salamati Publishing Ins. Zamen Salamati's philosophy revolves around the belief that all research is meant to benefit humanity and is the result of societal investment. Consequently, the outcomes of this research should be accessible to everyone, without any geographical or discriminatory restrictions, in order to serve society openly and universally. This is the reason why Zamen Salamati offers free and open online access to all its research publications. As a result, Gonabad University of Medical Sciences has covered all the publishing expenses, allowing authors to publish their manuscripts and enabling audiences to freely download and share the articles.

In accordance with the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing (June 20, 2003), Zamen Salamati Ins. adheres entirely to open access requirements by releasing its articles under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license (CC-BY-NC). Authors maintain the copyright of their work and have the freedom to deposit their publication in any repository. This approach allows articles to be shared and reused by the author and others, provided that proper citation is given. Articles published by Zamen Salamati can be promptly placed into an online repository or social network without incurring any fees. They can also be shared via email, printed, archived, included in course materials, and distributed without limitations. For more details, please refer to the complete Creative Commons license.
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